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Decaffeinated coffee drinkers, listen up! This is the best instant decaffeinated coffee there is! Perfect for those moments when you crave a premium coffee but want to forgo that energy boost: TO_PREMO/03 DECAF.

This 100% Nicaraguan coffee has been decaffeinated using the patented natural, liquid CO2 process offered by our partners at CR3 in Germany. This natural decaffeination process gently removes the caffeine and is known to preserve the coffee's best qualities and flavours. 

Cup profile:

Taste-wise, you can expect a very clean cup with notes of citrus, dark chocolate and a hint of molasses. The particularly mild taste will leave you wondering if it's actually a decaffeinated coffee!

Brewing instructions:

250 ml hot water + one TO_PREMO/ sachet = exceptional cup of coffee, made in an instant